Sunday, February 24, 2008

Put illustrations on your blog!

Some bloggers feel that their own blogs are cheerless because of
no beautiful photos and funny illustrations.

Don't cry!

Recently, I put many photos and illustrations on my blog.

All of them has been obtained via internet.
I modified some of them by myself.
"Did you get permission to the authors?"
Don't worry. We can use them FREELY without any permissions.

Original site is here, the Microsoft.
- Microsoft Office Online (Japan)

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mega holiday

I visted "Miraikan", The National Museum of Emerging Science
and Innovation, Tokyo, Japan.

Free shuttleがdrives every 15-20 minitues around the Odaiba
area, including "Miraikan". It'is the easiest way to there.

The purpose of this excursion is ...

The MEGASTAR-II cosmos!
This is a planetarium with five million fixed stars !
At the last visting, I could not get the ticket.
This time, I fortunately obtained it.

Before enjoying MEGASTAR, I ate the different mega.

Super mega burger at Wendy's
Three putties with 300g!

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ice in Tokyo

It's too cold everyday in Japan. How do you do?

Lake Suwa, located in the middle of Japan, was frozen totally and
ridges of ice were found through the center of lake.
Local people called the phenomena as "Omiwatari" and
beleive it as the sign of blessedness.

- Lake Suwa: Omiwatari revealed since 2006

Ice is fanny material.
I found an ice sheet covering a small pond in Tokyo.

Several meters square.

A rough surface. It implies that the ice sheet has been melted in
day-time and frozen in night-time.
The mechanism is as same as the ice ridge called as "Omiwatari".

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Balloon mail: emotion and problem

Japanese newspapers tell that a balloon with a mail released 15
years ago was replied by a deep-sea fish.

a flatfish delivered a mail attached to a ballon 15 year ago.

A girl released the balloon with her mail, and 15 years later, the mail
was attached on the flatfish and obtained by a fisherman.

What's an impressive story!
A human is not alone. He (or she) connect everywhere and everytime to another human.
However, the story feel me a problem about deep-sea garbage.

Sea-floor is covered by prenty of rubbers, vinyls and plastic materials, isn't it?

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Red sky at Sunrise

Sunrise on the ocean.
I took it when I was on board of the JAMSTEC research vessel
last month.

In the Sagami bay, Japan

I retrieved the ocean bottom gravimeter at that time.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sake and Cat in Kyoto

Continued from the previous entry.

After visiting the Ginkaku-ji temple, I went to Fushimi, a small city
located at the southern tip of the Kyoto town.
Fushimi is famous about Japanese rice wine ("Sake").

Walking around the sake brewery.
The steam may be related to making sake.

When I entered a cafe in the Fushimi area,

I saw a cat sitting on a chair.

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