Sunday, December 23, 2007

I want DVD...

Recentry, two DVD titles of Japanese animetion are produced.

First, "Conan, the boy in future" DVD-BOX is released in 2008.
The reservation is accepted by Amazon and so on.

未来少年コナン 30周年メモリアルボックス (期間限定生産)

Many people at the age of 30-40 know well. Yonger people may not?
The stage of story is the Earth after a future world war.
Living people at the world was impressive for me.
They cannot abandon their technology ruining the world.
Plastic material created by the former world is energy source for them...

Another title is related to "Space life in future".
機動戦士ガンダム 劇場版メモリアルボックス

This is the well-known "Mobile Suit Gundam".
Movie version (6-7 hours) are collected.

I was low-teen when the movie was presented at theaters.
Not only me, but most children love Gundam. Why?
I guess that the reality on their life in space impact us, as told at the
beginning of the movie; "ordinary people was born, grown, had babies,
raise them and died in the space."

I want them....

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We had the year-end-party with labo members.
In Japan, the party is called as "Forget-A-Year Party".
However, I would not like to forget many things learned at
an EM workshop, hold for these three days.
I also would not like to forget bad news in this year.
I simply enjoyed the party with talking the topics in this year.

A tree at the station

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Lunch Time Seminar

We hold the "Lunch Time Seminar" in our institute.
Several years ago, a staff in our labo asked me, "what you study?"
So we started this seminar.
This was the 16th presentation in our seminar.

Researchers, staff and so on attended to the seminar with lunch.

The presentator was a researcher just come back from D/V Chikkyu.
(D/V = Drilling Vessel)
She is digging off Kumano, southwest Japan for sampling rocks around
the shallow thrust faults on the seismogenic zone.

Presentation with exaggerated gestures

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Volcanoes on moon

Recently, several news about moon are reported.

#1: Volcanic activity on moon at 4.3 billion years ago.

On the basis of moon rocks taken by Apollo,
the evolution of moon is suggested as follows.

4.5 BA: The moon was born with the earth. The surface is solidated,
then many meteorites impacts the moon surface . Many craters.
3.8 BA: After the exclusive impact era, volcanic activity on the moon
was started.
2.5 BA: End of the volcanic activity.
After that, no volcanic activities are recognized.

In this news, meteorites found in Africa have its age of 4.3 BA.
It indicates that the suggested evolution was wrong.
A few rock samples change the scientific scheme... It's truly science!

Moon taken on a research vessel.
It was ACTIVE for 1.8 billion years!

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Was NHK turely wrong?

As presented in the previous entry, Japan Aerospace
Exploration Agency(JAXA)and Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)
took the Hi-vision movie of the Earth-rise from the Moon horizon
by the moon explorer satellite "Kaguya".

This movie was opened to public via the NHK news programs
and so on. However, some Japanese space writers criticize NHK
because NHK might refuse to open the movies on their web sites
with Hi-vision quality.

"Publishty of Hi-vision movies from the Moon"
The writer argued as follows:
- The Hi-vision camera on "Kaguya" was developed by NHK.
The budget for camera is based on licence fee from public to NHK .
- JAXA and NHK did not open the Hi-vision movies on Internet.
- JAXA wanted it, but NHK refused.
- NHK should open the Hi-vision movie on Internet.

Althogh I do not believe NHK so much, I think that NHK was not wrong.
I suggest that JAXA should have the responsivility.

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Fantastic Earth-rise!

This is an old news.
I have attended a research cruise for a month, and could not report it.
However, if you don't know the news and have never seen the movie,
I strongly recommend to visit the following site.

The moon explorer satellite "Kaguya" took a Hi-vision movie
of the Earth-rise from the Moon horizon.

The movie is provided as Flash-movie so that most people can enjoy it.
Just a 4 minutes movie is quite impressive for me.
I cannot explain why the Earth-rise is so fantastic.
Moon will have resources (metal mineral and energy),
and will be a useful place for human.
But I feel that the movie give us other meaning to visit the Moon.

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Burning Kamakura

Fortunatelly, The wildfire in California was over.
Now, Kamakura, an old city in Japan is, burned .... by red leaves!

Taken by a camera (on my moblie phone).

Another angle with another digital camera.

Here is an entrance of the "Kamakura-gu" shrine.
I have been on a research vessel for a month.
(See details in my Japanese blog).
I thought I cound not see the beautifule red leaves this year.
But in this weekend, I saw them in Kamakura fortunately,
which is a famous old and beautiful city near Tokyo in Japan.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Burning California

As reported on Japanese news programs, California is struck by wildfires.

- Wildfire in California (Yahoo!Japan news)

In CNN web site, we can see how large area have been burnt.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Revival of Shinkai 6500

I reported the trouble of the Japanese submersible "Shinkai 6500".
She could not dive donw to deep sea.

The famous submersible "Shinkai 6500" >> see details (in Japanese).
She has a titanium pressure sphere with diameter of about 2m.
Three people can ride into the sphere.

The hatch at the top of sphere had a trouble.

"Hello! I'm a pressure sphere!"
(not like "The Scream" by Munch)

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Salty Coffee

In Ethiopia, coffee with salt seems to be popular.
Such special coffee can be enjoyed at the restaurant "K",
famous with pasta and world beer, located along an alley
near the Todai-Mae station, Tokyo subway.

Coffee with salt from the world; Sicilia, Andes, Pakistan, Mongol
and Japan. Which is better for me?
Ethiopia is a birthplace of coffee, so that I have to try the original style.

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Standing Giant

I was very glad for many visitors to my blog ( at the So-net Blog Stamp rally. I also got a stamp on my blog with a feeling of wrongness.Thanks for many comment. More comments from new visitors are welcome.

By the way, I visited this place yesterday.

What does the iron giant look up?

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Edge of platform

I went to the Tokyo station for business
and stood at the edge of the platform.
Many trains came and passed. Many people came and passed.
On the other hand, skyscrapers recently constructed stood silently.

Movement and silence.

The Megalopolis makes me feel strength, power, fear of human.

After I missed a train to home intentionally,
I had imagined the world poetically just for a 5 minute.

Princess goes to Moon

As many Japanese people know, a spacecraft with two mini-spacecraft, named Kaguya (or known as SELENE) goes close to the Moon. The name is a princess back to moon, based on the Japanese old tale. Recently, a Hi-vision image of the Earth taken by Kaguya has been reported on TV news. This time, New images of the Moon are released by JAXA(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency).

- The Kaguya spacecraft took photos of the Moon(Japanese report by )

On Oct 9th, the moon the age of the moon was 26th. Since the moon facing to the Earth colored black by the shade, Kaguya took the photos from the back side of the moon. She is almost reaching her old home.
I'm looking forward the next photography; collaboration shots with Moon and Earth.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I ate raw fishes, so called SASHIMI, in Sapporo city.
Can you guess what kind of fish I ate?

Smelt (Shishamo in Japanese)!
What a small fish is it? Are there some parts to eat?
However, it was very delicious.
Another one behind smelt is raw saury.
It also tasted nice.

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In Sapporo

I'm in Sapporo, the biggest city in northern Japan, for another business trip.
Four years have been past since I visited last time.
The hotel is located in a downtown.
Anyway, let's have a dinner!
See you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Today's Kyoto

Last day, I was in Nagoya. Today, I'm in Kyoto.
This is the Katsura campus of the Kyoto Univ.
It was a year ago when I visited here first.
I feel number of people (students) have increased.

Same picture as I took last year.

W-Zero3, my new mobile phone, give more bright picture than the former one (named Kyo-Pon).

Today, October 1, is a start day of the later school term.
Students walking around talked on a time schedule of their lectures.

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Eat what?

I'm in a business trip in Japan.

Wow, a fantastic food!
Can you guess where I am?

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Saturday, February 3, 2007


I'm a researcher studying on marine geophysics.
This is a English version of my blog (

I'll translate some of the submitted reports to my blog, and introduce them here.

Comments and trackbacks are welcome.
Have fun.