Monday, June 29, 2009

R/V Shigen

The Japanese research vessel (R/V) "Shigen" ("Resources" in Japanese) is used for energy resource explorations. She has ten streamer cables for seismic survey to image sub-seafloor structures with seismic reflection wave.

Cartoon is here.

Photograph. Very unique forme.

However, the streamer cables were cut by Japanese submarine unfortunately.
(Yahoo News Japan)

Sevens of the cables were cut, and four have been lost.
(Press release from METI, Japan)
METI Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Although R/V Shigen is not famous in Japan, the name is highlighted again since she was born in 2007. Too bad. Please be famous as your research results, Ms. Shigen!

I heard from a researcher who analyse the 3D seismic data obtained by R/V shigen that he have never get a permission for visiting the vessel.
Why? I cannot understand.

I recommend to make a event of open ship with R/V Shigen. Many people will understand her activity there.

Finally, I introduce websites with photos of R/V Shigen.
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This blog is restarted.

I have left this blog with no modificatios.
Again, I'll start the introduction of my Japanese blog in English.

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