Saturday, August 15, 2009

Diving people : cases in Russia and Japan

Unfortunately, I have no experience of diving to the deep sea, although I'm a marine researcher. Of course, human cannot dive to the seafloor at the depth of several thousands meters. The submersibles (submarine) can give us a chance for deepsea tour. In Japan, the famous submersible "Shinkai 6500" can be available and I will have a chace to join the dive in future.

Recently, not only scientific researchres but various people can go to the deep sea with submersibles. I introduce two different cases.

i) Russian case
●Vladimir Putin to the seafloor of Lake Baikal (Technobahn)

Unbelievable! He dived to the depth with the Russian submersible "Mir". Although the submersible accident is rare, the safety is not promised. He and Russia impressed the world with the toughness and strength.

In addition, the methane hydrate is discovered recently at the seafloor of Lake Baikal. Their demonstration will be related to such energy resource usage and economic activity around the Lake Baikal.

ii) Japanese case
I hope the Japanese Prime Minister or former prime minsters should go to the deep sea such as Putin. However, we choose another people for the mission...a Japanese idol !

●Shokotan Blog

● Shokotan's dream comes true ... to the deep sea with Shinkai 6500

Shoko Nakagawa, "Shokotan", got a chace to go to deep sea. Her trial is for TV program relating a scientific variety show.

"A scientific variety show" ? What's that?
Recently, science becomes an entertainment?
But it is more funny than the Russian news, isn't it?
Most Japanese people will have an interest in deep sea at the on air!

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