Sunday, December 9, 2007

Was NHK turely wrong?

As presented in the previous entry, Japan Aerospace
Exploration Agency(JAXA)and Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)
took the Hi-vision movie of the Earth-rise from the Moon horizon
by the moon explorer satellite "Kaguya".

This movie was opened to public via the NHK news programs
and so on. However, some Japanese space writers criticize NHK
because NHK might refuse to open the movies on their web sites
with Hi-vision quality.

"Publishty of Hi-vision movies from the Moon"
The writer argued as follows:
- The Hi-vision camera on "Kaguya" was developed by NHK.
The budget for camera is based on licence fee from public to NHK .
- JAXA and NHK did not open the Hi-vision movies on Internet.
- JAXA wanted it, but NHK refused.
- NHK should open the Hi-vision movie on Internet.

Althogh I do not believe NHK so much, I think that NHK was not wrong.
I suggest that JAXA should have the responsivility.

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